Being Mindful Improves Weight Loss


So far the Eat Stop Eat plan has brought me in touch with my own well being.  Fasting took some getting used to.  At first my body ached and I wasn't pleasant to be around.  After a while I noticed some big changes in myself.  I felt more centered and less anxious. Being mindful is connecting the external with the internal.

When I first started meditating, it was impossible for me to calm my mind.  I would think about the days activities, what I wanted to eat, how many bills I had to pay.  But, I kept at it and was able to routinely stop the world for a while.

For me, being mindful is finding a beautiful thought to concentrate on.  I love to listen to soft music and envision a beautiful flower, sunset, or soft water.  My day can be so hectic that just taking a moment to think of pretty image can make all the difference in the world.

Mindful eating has become very important to me.  Gone are the days of eating out of a paper container.  I try to make my meals look pretty and appealing.  I always sit at a table and use real china and cloth napkins.  Good food tastes so much better and bad food is less appealing.  I want to make my calories count.

I have never been good at getting enough rest.  I have made a big attempt at being mindful of my sleep.  Gone are the days of sleeping in t-shirts and unmatched sheets.  My bedroom has become a sanctuary of peace, quiet, and loveliness.  I do not watch television in my bedroom and enjoy reading good novels.  Getting enough sleep has finally been given the priority it deserves.

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