Measuring Progress With Fasting and Eating

The obvious answer is the scale.  I know I am obsessed with my weight and how much I have lost.  Should this really be the main determinant of our success?

I think the tape measure is a better gauge of how our body is changing.  Weight can include water weight, how much is in our intestines, or what we ate that day.  Body change is really what we are after and taking good measurements a good way to mark the progress.  Keep a log of measurements at least once a month. 

BMI, Body Mass Index, is the fat to body ratio.  It is used to measure obesity. and is the value gotten from the a person's weight and height. Health professionals pay close attention to the BMI because being overweight can cause many problems. 

One of the best benefits of losing weight is that your clothes will fit better.  Sometimes the scales don't show that big of a loss, but you find you are able to wear smaller sized clothes.  This could be due to firming muscles, and muscles weight more than fat.  For me, my biggest goal is to wear smaller sized clothes.  And you know what that means, you get to go on a shopping spree. 


There will be a time during your diet journey that you will get off plan.  Holidays, celebrations, stress, just to name a few, can make us loose our way.  What can we do to get back on track? 

You can Start Over

Don't be afraid to go back to the beginning.  I like having a clean slate.  Don't look at it as a failure.  Sometimes, the second time around you will be more focused.  Since you have some experience with the plan it we easier the second time around.

Whatever you do Just Don't Give Up.



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