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Is Fasting Healthy?

The more I read, the more beneficial I believe the Eat Stop Eat plan is.  We aren't really starving our bodies but controlling  what we eat during a specified time period.  I have made a conscious effort to eat  healthy during the rest of the week, or as healthy as I can.  There are always special c…

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Measuring Progress With Fasting and Eating

The obvious answer is the scale.  I know I am obsessed with my weight and how much I have lost.  Should this really be the main determinant of our success?

I think the tape measure is a better gauge of how our body is changing.  Weight can include water weight, how much is in our intestines…

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About Intermittent Fasting

Thanks to Dr. Mercola for letting me use this info-graphic.  A picture speaks a thousand words, and this picture does a wonderful job of concisely explaining intermittent fasting

History of Fasting


Fasting in the simplest terms is the absence of food intake for a certain duration of time.  Throughout history there have been examples of fasting used for religious, spiritual, and political reasons.  In American Society we have become increasingly dependent on food and eating const…

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